thought 2

You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.

attributed to Abraham Lincoln

So why fool anyone?




11 comments on “thought 2

  1. Well.. because people don’t always agree with your take on things but you still need to get things done your way.. Its the only way to live life unless you are a good preacher of your way…

    Btw very nice header picture..

  2. spectral would do wonders in politics! πŸ™‚

    fooling has less to do with your preaching skills but more to do with the fact that its the easy way out!

    as an individual as well as a governor, its much easier to fool someone than to put your “way” to the test of open critisism. for an individual, its tough to defend your way or admit to your reasons and have others challenge them. its the same with governance, but with a much higher degree of rationalisation, justification and thought being essential when defining the way.

    in both cases, it is much easier to fool rather than to put in the immense commitment and effort required to defend the “way” you have resorted to – the reasononing and repercussions of which have not often been fully thought out or given consideration to.

    naz, you may have just stirred up a hornets’ nest πŸ™‚

  3. Mala, you are absolutely correct. No two words about it. What I said was “Its the only way to live life ‘unless’ you are a good preacher of your way”, ‘unless’ being the key word. If you are very good at convincing others of your view truthfully, there’s no need to fool anyone. However you have to be VERY good at it AND very efficient at it. Unfortunately this is not everyone’s forte. This skill I believe is one that mainly sets all religious leaders apart from others. They honestly believed in something (be it right or wrong) and they were very good and efficient in convincing others of their view.

    Not everyone is blessed with that. Therefore they have to resort to fooling others to get their way. I’m not saying its the ‘right’ or ethical thing to do. Just that its one of them necessary evils in practical life.

  4. spectral, it isnt a necessary evil. as an individual, all u have to do is think things out as best as you can, have conviction in ur beliefs, yet remain open minded to hear the reasoning of those who challenge ur views, give these views a thought and chose to change ur views or not. its easier as an individual coz ur accountable mainly to yourself – though responsible always to society for your actions. you can choose a level of moral justification that fits u and choose to ignore the rest much easier as an individual.

    a governor however is not accountable to him/her self alone but to a population that appointed him directly or indirectly. this puts much greater weight on the “think things through as best u can” part, coz a lot of responsible thinking is expected from a governor – they are put there coz they are better at doing what ever needs doing than we would be (please note that here i’m voicing the thinking not of the middle and upper classes but of the “average” member of a population πŸ™‚

    this thinking out responsibly and yielding to high expectation is not something most “governors” are willing to do (odd isnt it!?). fooling on the other hand is a much easier option (an option which leaves plenty of elbow space for the little bribe on the side n the EVER SO SLIGHT personal benefit and advancement might i add..).

    my point is this. governor or not, fooling is not an evil necessitated by your level of convincing capabilities. rather, it is an option resoretd to in order to avoid “hassle” – though it may seem here that i have used the word hassle lightly, know that i am by no means saying it is easy to live the way i’ve described above. but then we all know that what is right isnt always easy and often requires great strength.

    necessary evil and practical life arent essentially phrases that need to go together.

  5. “because you can” is actually a pretty good answer in some ways. It’s frequently satisfying and enjoyable to fool someone just for the sake of it. But, if you have to fool others to get your own way, then you should probably look in the mirror and ask if you’re really happy.

  6. Naz, people here have short memories, so its quite easy to fool them all the time. Just ask our friends in parliament πŸ˜‰

    ps: hope u got well from the chikungun thing 😦

  7. RD: if look inna mirror and ask meself whether i’m happy , mate, i’ll probably fool myself into believing that i am! lets not go into ‘happy’. it’s such a subjective word that we’ll never agree on anything.

    and naz: does writing fiction and fantasy qualify as fooling someone? granted: any such book comes with an unwritten disclaimer that the reader is allowing her/himself to be taken into an illusory experience. but who’s to say that people will believe so? i believe in middle earth, wonder at the greatness of the high elves, and long for the dead wisdom of the men of westernesse. has tolkein fooled me?

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