can anyone tell me why Macintosh has stopped manufacturing powerbooks? and should I be upgrading to a Mac Pro?


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  1. The PowerBook G4 is a series of notebook computers that was manufactured, marketed, and sold by Apple Computer between 2001 and 2006. It is powered by the PowerPC G4 processor (hence the use of the “G4″ moniker), initially produced by Motorola and later by Freescale, a Motorola spin-off. The PowerBook G4 had two different designs: one enclosed in a titanium body with a black keyboard and a 15″ screen; and another in an aluminum body with an aluminum-colored keyboard, in 12″, 15″ and 17″ sizes.

    Between 2001–2003, Apple produced the Titanium PowerBook G4; between 2003–2006, the Aluminum models were produced. Both models were hailed for their modern design, long battery life and processing power. When the Aluminum PowerBook G4s were first released, however, only 12 and 17 inch models were available, so the Titanium PowerBook G4 remained available until the 15” PowerBook G4 was released in September of 2003.

    The PowerBook G4 line was the last generation of the PowerBook, and was phased out in favor of various Intel-powered MacBook Pro models in the first half of 2006.

    Curently Mac is marketing the more powerful and souped up versions of the MacBook Series, Thed MacBook and the MacBook Pro which may be reviewed at:

  2. thanks Fazli… I always feel that I should give new products at least a year, before taking the plunge. Did buy my daughter a Macbook (off to Uni. and all that) I just hope tech support for Power books is still there.

  3. No doubt it seems the logical thing to do to wait for the product to stabilize in the market. However, when it comes to technology one year could be long enough for the pridtc to fade away completely giving way to a newer model. It may ne prudent for you to think of migrating to a Windows based environment from the waning world of Mac’s?

    Try getting rid of your PowerBook and I doubt you will have any takers unless you can find a University student who may use it for academics.

    I used to be a great fan of the first ever Macintosh that was introduced into the market way back in the mid eighties but dropped it like a hot brick and jumped on to the IBM bandwagon to enter and enjoy the world of Windows thereafter. Windows is here to stay. The Mac may soon fade away. (hey that rhymes, too!)

    Will be in Colombo from Dec 20 thru Jan 4 and wanna drop in for a meal at the Barefoot Cafe with ma old lady. Will try and catch you there, hopefully?

  4. love to see you both! Will make sure to play all those great classics from the 60’s 70’s and 50’s even 40’s… Sunday jazz here is always good.

    I hear two stories re. MAC vs. WINDOWS. I have a Windows desktop and an MAC laptop. Truth be told I far prefer the MAC enviroment.

    Do have a three year warranty on it, so one year down and two to go!

    I think it’s about personal preference in the end.

  5. No doubt the Mac GUI is much more user friendly and comfy to use as I also used it myself in the early years of PC’s. However, I still would go for the Win environment in keeping with the cmpatibility factor with the rest of the business and social world. It makes more sense.

    Hey hey, slowdown Missy, 40’s is a bt too Flintstone for us. 60’s onwards will do. We are not THAT old. I am just entering my “fighting” 59’s (Feb 16 2007) while Shirani is close on my heels at 57+

    Whats the buzz on this CHICUNWHATEVER fever thats supposed to be floating around in Colombo. Most of Shirani’s folks seem to think that we should postpone and thats not something that I like to do after making all the plans and arrangements, especially since we have to obtain an Exit Visa to leave this place, which I already have done? Is there something we can take as a precaution against the disease? is it that serious?

  6. Hi..I would like to know is you are the same Nazreen I meet in Kalamazoo, Michigan. My name is Blanca Sanoja, from Caracas – Venezuela. I hope so. If you are not, too bad because I was trying to reach Naz from so long. I got your old address: 18 Briones Street. San Lorenzo Village. Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines…your page is wonderful.

  7. hi Fazli: no problem re. age, it’s all a state of mind anyway. The best people I know are in their 70’s..
    Hm.. the fever. I would not let it hamper you coming over here.
    just bring lot’s of rid or equivalent mosquito repellent and you should be fine.

    Blanca: what a lovely surprise! keep in touch, via email. x

  8. Hey Naz,
    Hold on to that powerbook, it will still be smoking any windows pretenders for years to come. Market economics sent macs the intel way and mac pro is the way of the future, but that does mean that your powerbook is in any way outdated. I am running the latest and greatest of the new mac programmes on my 1998 power mac G4 nary a worry. I still do things on this G4 that the latest windows computers shrink away from in my class labs. And nearly nine years later, I can still find tech support when necessary, even though it has hardly been the case. I have never sent this in for repairs, but had to replace a failing hard disk and the original monitor gave up about two years ago after someone, not me, abused it physically!.
    BTW, whose photograph is on top..I love the colours. Give my love to Dom.
    Aruna K.

  9. How lovely to hear from you Aruna. How is life treating you in Spain?
    Thanks so much for your reassuring words. I love my 12 inch powerbook and the thought of having to give it up for a newer model… I certainly was not ready for that. I guess my primary concern was tech support, good to know that it has been more than easy for you, therefore, in theory,should be easy for me. Not that I need it.

    Photo on top is Dom’s. who else?
    will give him your love. come see us sometime soon. x

  10. Naz, Dropped in at Barefoot twice in December but you were not in on both counts. Shirani and I had a great time in Colombo staying at TransAsiua during the festive season.

    Have to tell you that the staff are not that customer friendly, sadly. So, we didnt bother to try and leave a message or even get your mobile contact. Maybe another time? Plan to return in March 2007.

    Must also mention that the standard of English at the customer service levels in Colombo is so atrocious that we felt it is better to seek our needs by ourselves rather than asking anyone. No thanks to SWRD!

    One scintillating experience at Odel was when my wife asked one of those red shirted gals with LUST across her chest where we could find some brassware since she wanted to get a brass tray in the shape of Sri Lanka for one of her friends in Riyadh. The girl pointed to the lingerie section. Oh sure, thats where we get bra’s for wearing, neda? I said those wont fit me aney… When the gal realized what we were looking for she almost ran away and hid herself. Ohh Sri Lanka, Quo Vadis? – Fazli

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