Has anyone dreamt that they were flying in their dreams? I mean really FLYING. So you feel and are aware of all the sensations; the atmosphere, wind, flying up, down, fast, slow. In the city and the country far below?

Imagining your last plane, helicopter, hang- gliding trip does not count. That’s easily done. We all can visualise scenes from a ‘bird’s eye’ perspective in a second.

In this scenario, the sensation is such that your body feels like it’s really FLYING. But your dreaming.

Silly, I know. But I am just curious.

Then the idea is that your mind should be able to take off at any second.


13 comments on “dream

  1. Shuure, I be havin dose flyin dreams – reeealy quite somting huh? Swoopin down and zoomin up – reeealy koool. But I also be flyin a lot when I be awake – but dats a whole odder trip, hear?

  2. Not that I can remember, but I’m always fascinated by the way I can have a dream that appears to last for a very long time, then I wake up or something happens and I realise that it only was for a couple of seconds. Like when the alarm goes off and I have a whole dream based around the sound of it. I’ll look out for flying dreams.

  3. I have dreams where I’m walking on a rooftop or some other high place, miss a step and fall. I suppose it is the opposite of flying in your dreams because there is nothing exhilarating about falling. It is actually scary.

    And what R says is so true. Sometimes I wake up in the morning, check the time and sleep a few extra minutes. Then when I wake up I remember a long dream which I saw during those few minutes. It is fascinating but I believe there’s a scientific explanation to it.

  4. I know this sounds insane, but what I am after is to be able to fly
    in my mind at WILL. without help from friends and other substances. It’s supposed to be a form of mind control, akin to meditation.
    Dreams are the start of it.

  5. I think you are refering to astral projection?

    actually you don’t need to be in a dream to experience this, though sometimes this helps (AP is an altered state of conscious related to dream/sleep states)

  6. Have u watched the tv series Heroes? It has a guy who keeps dreaming he can fly and he did actually fly 😉 May be u r about to take the next evolutionary step 😀

  7. one last word, since i’m at it. This is really amazing. I had a phase when I had this real flying dreams. I even remember that sometimes it did not work that well, and I had to push off the ground with my legs. then total freedom. now i’m practizing the flying sutra of patanjali (upanishads) since 25 years, and all i get is a hop now and then. when do dream and reality come together?

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