a day in the life

So many people ask what i do when i go to work. yes, sitting down, and chatting to the wonderful people that frequent the cafe plays a big part. Take yesterday for instance, I shared a delightul lunch with Reverend Sydney Knight. Unexpected. He spoke for hours and I just wish i had a tape recorder, we must make a concerted effort to film and record some of these precious people before it’s too late. I have been making a personal list, which i have enumerated below. Additions and Suggestions are most welcome.

  • Sydney Knight
  • Bala Tampoe
  • Barbara Sansoni
  • DuleepKumar Philips
  • Laki Senanyake
  • Ruki Kodagoda
  • Rajapal de Silva
  • Tony Anghie
  • Chloe de Soysa
  • Manik Sandrasagara

and others… there are many more..i will keep adding to the list as and when suggestions pour in and as I think of them.

So what did I do on Monday? here is a list some of which I completed..

Accounts and tickets alliance Francaise
Finish Lit Fest check minutes of meeting
Order books for festival
and bookshop
Nelun email to clients
Ayrianga birthday present ready by Tuesday evening
Press conference for nelun
Cd dom courier to stern
Gallery exhibition..
Office Floor- organise tiles and date

meeting with cafe  staff
Follow up on tashi and my payment
Isabella shoes
Libby book launch
Email to all clients press release Monsoon Rains and Icicle drops
Press release to newspapers.
Colour Book to Ian
meeting with Antonella
Email contract to american express
cafe MENUS and Papyrus

I guess that would be a typical monday.

what’s your day like?


12 thoughts on “a day in the life

  1. do start recording now. why not start with barbara (hope i spelt it right). i remember what a delight it was listening to her talk about colour and life in general.

  2. Would love to hear what tuesday to friday is like 🙂 Cos monday seemed like fun! As for me day.. ups n downs.. sideways as well 😦 I just realised how tough it is floating a new company.. and how much I value time with my parents.. it’s been a womderful week 😀

  3. Argh.. fre for a few minutes! lol! But too much freedome gets to me in a strange way?!?! The new company i’m helping out with is all about event management. More in the lines of concerts at the moment. Project planning is hectic but it’s just wonderful! lol 🙂 How is the bar at night? Haven’t had the time to visit at night.. though the rains get me too much in a mood to comfort myself with hot choc movies n extended sleep! lol!

  4. i hate mondays cos i hv an 8am start and the traffic is always a killer from home to work place. takes me 15 mins to clear my windscreens of ice in the mornings so that adds to the irritation of having to get up early 😦

    to be honest most days are the same at work.. patients in the morning and again in the afternoon.. i’d give anything to swap mondays with u 🙂

  5. comfort yourself with hot choc movies n in extended sleep..and vision the waxen knights pierce the growing darkness ,swords of sliver light….so cast down upon this grey sleepy world…the transcendent cloak of time.

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