World Music by Alex Stewart

No. Not the cricketer. The artist. Famous for his flying tuk-tuks and angel motifs in his paintings he has exhibited at the Gallery since 1993. Alex is in town this week all the way from London’s Flying Carpet; he is celebrated as a DJ in certain London circles and will be spinning his tunes at Barefoot- tomorrow, Monday the 27th at 5:00pm. So here’s a chance to hear some great world music, maybe even some “Basement Jaxx” and other groups I may have heard but could not put a name to the compositions if I tried. So please come, one and all. A nice way to start the week. 5:00pm at Barefoot.


Has anyone dreamt that they were flying in their dreams? I mean really FLYING. So you feel and are aware of all the sensations; the atmosphere, wind, flying up, down, fast, slow. In the city and the country far below?

Imagining your last plane, helicopter, hang- gliding trip does not count. That’s easily done. We all can visualise scenes from a ‘bird’s eye’ perspective in a second.

In this scenario, the sensation is such that your body feels like it’s really FLYING. But your dreaming.

Silly, I know. But I am just curious.

Then the idea is that your mind should be able to take off at any second.

Press Release Galle Lit. Fest



21st November 2006


Sri Lanka’s first literary festival, The Galle Literary Festival, will be held from the 10th to 14th January 2007 and promises to be a world class event providing locals and international visitors with a chance to come and enjoy their favourite Sri Lankan & International authors and engage in conversations about a wide selection of books & topics.

Fans of the recent 2006 Man Booker Prize winner, Kiran Desai, will be able to hear her discuss her award winning book The Inheritance of Loss.

Internationally acclaimed author and historian William Dalrymple will take you on a dramatic journey as he unveils his enthusiasm for India’s last Mughal emperor with his recently launched book The Last Mughal. World renowned, ex BBC India correspondent and author Mark Tully will join other leading journalists from the region including foreign correspondent Christopher Kremmer, author of 3 books, his latest being Inhaling the Mahatma. Distinguished biographer Victoria Glendinning will bring to life her latest biography Leonard Woolf – a life. 2005 Pulitzer Prize finalist Suketu Mehta will share his passion for the throbbing metropolis of Bombay with his book Maximum City: Bombay Lost and Found. Other authors in this incredible line up of authors are Sir Arthur C Clarke, London’s River Café owner – Rose Gray, Sri Lanka’s Romesh Gunesekera and author, gastronomic & esteemed actress Madhur Jaffrey.

Festival Director, Libby Southwell says “I am delighted to announce a line up of such internationally acclaimed authors for the first of many Galle Literary Festivals. The festival will provide local and international visitors with one of the most exciting & powerful programmes the South Asian region has seen – a truly world class event.”

The premier festival will focus on celebrating Sri Lankan literature and raise awareness of the great depth and diversity of Sri Lankan authors & their contribution to the English language and will honour one of Sri Lanka’s renowned and international authors, the late Nihal De Silva whose work has assisted raising the awareness of writing in English by Sri Lankan authors around the world. Yasmine Gooneratne, Carl Muller, Tissa Abeysekera, Elmo Jayawardena, David Blacker, and Jagath Kumarasinghe are among the finest of Sri Lankan writers who will also be participating in this international event.

The four day programme will be filled with writing workshops, panel discussions, topical debates, literary lunches & dinners, poetry readings, cooking classes, theatre workshops, a children’s program and much more. More information can be found on the official festival website – <>

The Galle Literary Festival will be held in & around the historic city of Galle and its magnificent UN World Heritage Fort. Galle offers the perfect location for the literary festival providing a range of unique & memorable venues for individual events as well as providing the perfect springboard for which visitors can explore the rich culture & history of the coastline & villages of the Southern Province.

Tickets are available online ( <> ) or at any of the festival box offices in Colombo and Galle.

It’s time to bury yourself in books for what promises to be an exceptional event.

The Galle Literary Festival is proudly sponsored by: Lunuganga, Amangalla, The Dutch House, The Lighthouse Hotel & Spa, THE Barefoot Gallery, The Sun House, The Fort Printers, The Fort Gallery, Samakanda, Sri Lankan Airlines, Cathay Pacific, The British Council, Pyxle PVT Ltd, Casa Colombo, AdoptSriLanka, Grant McCann Erickson, Response Marketing (PVT) Ltd, The Favourite Group, The Economist and The Australian Government.

For more information contact:

Libby Southwell (International Media)                             Ameena Hussein (Local Media)                             
Ph: +94 (0) 799 099 446                                                Ph: +94 (0) 777 562 333

another monday…

At the hospital at 7 30 am for a test to exclude an ominous result, which thankfully came to pass. then home to lie down for awhile (doctor’s instructions) then got up to work from home. What bliss it is to have wifi installed as one can get a lot done with none of the interruptions that usually happen at office. In any case, my office floor is being broken up today, ( a perfect excuse to work from home), but should be tiled, cut and polished by thursday. Ordered new desks too, those will be ready in weeks if I am lucky.

Annoyed at myself for forgetting the peace march, wonder if java jones was there? The small gestures count if I am serious about weakening this apathetic state I am in. Will call sam the man and find out how it went.

As might be expected from a BAREFOOT blogger the main purpose of this post is to remind everyone of the Book Launch tomorrow. See Post “Monsoon Rains and Icicle Drops”

Follows is an excerpt from an article written by Joanne Hawkins that featured in one of Australia’s “largest weekend magazine”

But her newly found happiness was again about to be tested. Libby and Anya decided to
spend Christmas 2004 with Dobbs and his family on Sri Lanka’s idyllic Taprobane Island. Libby had dreaded Christmas since Justin’s death, but on Christmas night that year, Libby remembers she “collapsed into bed after a glorious, fun day, with high hopes for the year ahead”. But on December 26, Libby and Anya were swimming in their villa’s
swimming pool when the Boxing Day tsunami hit the island.

Miraculously, the wave lifted them out of the pool and on to higher ground. “But it was very stressful because all the water had been sucked out of the bay and we were convinced there was going to be another massive tidal wave and that we were going to drown.” Incredibly, just as she was counting her blessings at surviving such a disaster, she became aware of a nagging pain. Within 24 hours, she had been diagnosed with acute appendicitis and, after a difficult road trip through the devastation so she could have an emergency operation in Colombo, was air-lifted back to Sydney.