cafe open for dinner

cafe at night, originally uploaded by nazreen.sansoni.

Food was delicious. Exceeded all my expectations. ambience, music perfect. dinner for four ( including four bottles of sparkling wine) approx. rs.17,000/-


15 thoughts on “cafe open for dinner

  1. Beautiful photo! I notice your menu doesnt seem to have much for vegetarians – not complaining but it would be cool if you could add more veg stuff – just my two cents.

  2. the veg stuff can be worked on as you place your order. most items are served with salad-
    koluu cooks meat to perfection, so bring your non vegetarian friends and yourself. It’s worth a visit.

  3. I suppose so, sophist. main courses range from Rs.750 to Rs. 2000/- However, as in most establishments, it’s the wine that increases the value of the final bill.

  4. sounds yummy.. as long as the food tastes good and the overall dining experience is pleasant i have no problem in paying the equivalent in Rupees for a nice meal out as I would in the West.

  5. I like the look of your restaurant. I will be in Colombo for the Christmas period (after six years) and will certainly try it out. I do enjoy eating Al Fresco, but what do you do about the mosquitoes. They can be quite a hazard in Sri Lanka

  6. I’ve heard so much of you and the work you have put into this,and some of my musician friends who happen to have performed with Glen and friends said they had an awesome time over there.congrads to all of you at barefoot.Now that Glen,Jerome and the rest are not perfoming over there,I would like to know who is performing at the club.I would suggest Andrea Marr she is a Srilankan blues singer residing in Melbourne she will bring the house down with her singing,it’s only a suggestion, I know you all will like to know what our
    Srilankan singers are doing overseas.She is one hell of a singer.Good luck with all


  7. thanks for your comments, Jennifer. jerome is back and will play at Barefoot. He also performs at the DBU every Friday. Glen willl fly out at Christmas and rock the house down. Have a link to Andrea Marr?

  8. The food was great! And the wine. We finished three bottles of the Austrian ones (two Gruner Veltliner and one Wiener Trilogie). Charlotte would not let me taste any others. 🙂

    A glass of refreshing white wine at Barefoot at night. Just wonderful.

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