Cafe to open at night

The Barefoot Cafe will open it’s doors at night starting on October 5th. Brand new menu. We plan to open from Wednesdays – Saturdays from 8:00pm to 11:0opm

S o u p s

Broccoli Soup with Blue Cheese
Mushroom Soup
Prawn and Spinach Soup
Grilled Aubergine and Tomato Soup
Chilled Cucumber Soup

S t a r t e r s

Smoked and Fresh Salmon Terrine
Prawn and Mushroom Vol-Au-Vents
Farm House Pâté
Spinach Roulade
Grilled Vegetable with Basil and Tomato Vinaigrette
Cheesy Onion Tomato and Basil en Croute


M a i n s

Tomato and Basil Tart
Broccoli and Mushroom Quiche
Vegetable Khorma with Cous Cous
Grilled Jumbo Prawns with Hot Garlic Sauce
Chatty Roast Pork Sliced and Served with Sri Lankan Mustard Sauce
Butterflied Lamb with Green Salsa
Chicken “ Ayam Sakang”
Beef Stroganoff
Grilled Miso Salmon
Cashewnut Crusted Fillet of Modha with Onion Salsa
Sautéed Squid with Lemon and Coriander Sauce
Portuguese Seafood Rice (for two persons)
Barefoot Special Spicy Fried Rice (Combination of Beef Pork Prawn and Fish)
Stirfried Pork Noodles
Curry Chicken Noodles
Penne with Fresh Tomato Olive and Basil Sauce
Linguinie with a Creamy Bacon and Mushroom sauce

O u r P o p u l a r S r i L a n k a n D i s h e s

Devilled Pork
Prawn Red Curry
Fish Mustard Curry
Beef Pethi Curry
The above will be served with Steam Rice , Cucumber Salad , Chutney & Pol Sambol

S k e w e r e d G r i l l s

All grills will be accompanied with French fires and our special green salads
Seafood Skewer
Chicken with Thyme and Sesame
Calamari Skewered
Pork / Beef Skewered
The above Skewers will be with Bacon and Salami.
(Please inform the steward if you do not eat any pork products)
Oriental Vegetable Skewered with a Peanut Sauce

D e s s e r t s

Margarita Pie
Chocolate and Cashewnut Torte
Coconut Cream Pie
Frozen Chocolate Mousse
Triple Layer Mousse
Strawberry Torte
Mocha Mousse Tart
Queen of Sheba
Fresh Fruit Platter

T e a a n d C o f f e e

Choice of Teas


17 comments on “Cafe to open at night

  1. Please check the spelling of some of your dishes.. noticed Source – Sauce – Butterflied should it be butterfried – french fires – fries steam rice – steamed rice –

    sorry to be such a nit picking but misspelt menus are a huge bugbear for me. it may be a genuine oversight on your part though!

  2. god no, leave the typos in. amusing menus add to the ambiance of an establishment. see if you can squeeze a few more in. there’s a fabulous restaurant in hix where instead of offering crab cakes to their customers, they offer crap cakes. i’ve never ordered one but i hear they’re full of goodness.

  3. yes quirky perhaps to have mistakes but does it inspire confidence in the establisment… if they can not even spell the dish they are supposed to cook!!! My eternal bugbear is the Sri Lankan eateries in London that advertise Lumprice, Lamprice, Lamprise. Makes you wonder what you would actually get. Even the menu at Breeze in Mt is riddled with mistakes. I was taken there last year and the manager was promoting a crab dish saying that they were famous for some crab concoction but we just could not resist saying that they would soon be infamous for having a horrendously misspelt menu!

    If your cafe aspires to be a market leader in the capital you do need to have a correctly spelt menu.. what could possibly be worse than having a review in perhaps the Conde Naste on Sri Lankan restaurants which saying something along the like of “Superb food but misspelt menu”?????? Anyway I like the menu and can not wait to sample a selection of the dishes….

  4. to quote diva, “…but does it inspire confidence in the establisment…”

    seems a case of pot calling the kettle black?

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  6. I actually think “Butterflied” is correct when it comes to describing the lamb dish. I would guess that it doesnt actually mean the way it is cooked, but rather the way it has been cut.

  7. Now you folk stop wit all dis hemmin an hawin an if you still have som more of dose stupid-ass queschuns bout da fare at dis place, den you mus go check out Java’s openin night speerience. Go to da entry on da day after openin night on Ephemeral Ruminations an make yo waverin little minds up. But if yo can’t be stirred outta yo reverie or whatever odder sheet you be into right now, jus you take Java’s word fo it and head on down – woth every penny / dime / cent or even paisa!

    Be seein yo ass dere, hear?

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