bar at night

bar at night, originally uploaded by nazreen.sansoni.

Soon there will be bar stools so you can sit and enjoy a glass of wine or beer, and no, we won’t be serving them in plastic cups!


5 comments on “bar at night

  1. for just a second, I thought this was a modern day variation of “The Last Supper” (aka “The Last Bar Crawl”?), where Jesus shared chips and a beer with a quiet bar crowd (instead of the bread/wine/diciples combination depicted in the traditional image). Yeah, my imagination is whack, but seriously doesnt the guy avec beard in the while shirt look Jesus-like?

  2. The guy in the white shirt is as sri lankan as one gets, and yes, he certainly has jesus like qualities. He is a commercially successful writer. Published a children’s book on the Tsunami that is a huge hit and is now translated into eight different lanuages. I like the Bar. Not the best photograph,however.

  3. His mother is Italian. He shares his weed – which is a very Christlike quality. Must ask him to try that loaves and fishes lark with a bag of ganja and see.

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