girls are back and I am sick

ashira and natasha are back from their one month holiday in oz to see their dad. I dragged myself out of bed because i really wanted to meet them at the airport. But, before we left for the airport I had to phone Medi- Calls. Gosh, they are brilliant. They came they looked they diagnosed they conquered. Results which had me hopping out of bed walking to the car and driven to the airport by dom. It is 12:45 am. what all this has to do with BAREFOOT is beyond me. just felt like writing, but now I stop. back to bed. hope i feel right as rain by saturday when ashira turns 18.

Exhibition Tonight at the Barefoot Gallery

The Directors of the Barefoot Gallery
have pleasure in inviting you to
the preview of an exhibition of paintings by


Preeethi Hapuwatte


at 7.30 p.m.
Wednesday 23rd August 2006

If the slt lines were faster, you would have been able to see images of her work. I have been trying to upload/uplink images and it’s just not working for me today. i can’t even access my fliker account. Anyway, why not come in person and see the paintings for yourself. wine and shorteats will be served, and after a few glasses of wine one might be convinced to buy a painting or two. I like her work. It’s simple, graphic and yes, very easy to live with. I have seen many sri lankan artists works in private homes in london.

Preethi Hapuwatte and Ivan Peries paintings stand out. Don’t ask why. They just look so good, there.

hope to see some of you later.


Oh, yes. and for those of you who know sophia, and are reading this post, It’s her birthday today and she turns six. So give her a squeeze when you see her, ok. She is feeling mighty grown up. Has immediately stopped screaming and become charm, personified. Beautiful to boot.