Dominic Sansoni’s book on Colour, with a foreword by Richard Simon beautifully designed by Nelun Harasgama and printed by Shehan de Silva of Gunaratne Offset Ltd,is now available at the Barefoot Bookshop at a special introductory price of Rs. 4000/-. A formal Launch of the Book is slated to take place in the first week of August 2006.



7 thoughts on “COLOUR

  1. diva – it’s actually “I have this horrible habit of correcting incorrect spelling.” or “… correcting spelling mistakes.” “Incorrect spelling mistakes” is just too many words that mean the same thing. Sorry, but I have a habit of picking on bad grammar.

  2. Thanks guys. Appalling mistake. I should have noticed it immediately.
    Stand corrected and will correct mistake NOW. By the way please feel free to correct grammar and spelling mistakes, anytime.

  3. Thanks S. I should think more about my sentence structure but do things in such a hurry… perhaps that is what happened to Nazreen too! Gosh this is turning out to be a mini English class!

  4. Coming back to the subject… ” COLOUR “, so glad for Dom and so frustrated not to see it NOW !
    I miss you… wish you where all here with us…
    All my love

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