Farewell Concert

Live at Barefoot

Farewell Concert by Glen Terry and Friends


Jerome Speldewinde
Andy Thompson
Harsha Makalande
Kumar de Silva
Al Joachim
Ray Gomes

and more guest musicians

Glen Terry has had a huge impact on the music scene in Sri Lanka, Essentially, he has brought musicians together to jam and play from here and overseas, a feat handled with grace and aplomb. Glen is an absolute inspiration on stage. anyone who has been to one of his concerts will attest to his generosity of spirit in the name of great music that makes for a very special evening.

It is with love, joy and a sense of poignancy that we stage this final concert here at the Barefoot Gallery On Sunday, June 25th, 2006

Tickets Rs. 1000/-
Tel: 2505559

Show starts at 7:30pm


2 comments on “Farewell Concert

  1. Wouldn’t it be a great idea to arrange for an evening of Musical Nostalgia from the sixties/seventies even us9ing Audio CD’s in case we cannot find local musicians who can sing and play those tunes? I have a small collection of about 15 CD’s, containing a mixed bag of all time greats from that era, which I can lend, at no cost, for the occasion during August 2006 when I will be in Colombo for 4 weeks.

    All that will be needed is a suitable sound system and a gathering of oldies to enjoy the fun. I am sure the logistics will be simple enough to handle?

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