The Bar is open

The cadjan fence has come down, the equipment is on it's way and what's more Jerome arrives in town on June 7th. Lastly, Mo has found his resting place. What a relief!



  1. […] there’s three types of people that hang out at the garden cafe at foot. some meet for business lunches and serious discussions over a glass of wine and some finger food, some go with their friends (or family): girlfriends during their lunch break, mothers and fathers who can let their children run about while they relax under the shade of a tree chilling to mo’s excellent taste in ambiant music…and then there’s us. we’re the ones you look around at and think ‘look at those children, i wish they’d go home and quit disturbing the tranquility of the evening’. we’re the ones that use the foot for everything, from dates to post-stressful day talks. we’re the ones making too much noise and running up a bill that’s too expensive. we’re the ones that are going to monopolize the new bar and we’re the ones that give all parents with young children a good reason to never want their kids to grow up into ‘young adults’. […]


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