Barefoot events anon

Mike Masilimani's performance poetry with tracy holsinger the queen of alternative theatre producing and directing the shows proved to be a sell-out last week(end). Please see for info on what happened here at Barefoot. Tracy is brilliant at most everything, including her very clever use of space.

Now Equal Ground have taken over – follows is a run down of events that they have planned for this week:

21st May 2006: LGBT Film Mini Marathon – 6pm till 4am – ENTRANCE FREE
Films: Tipping the Velvet, Transamerica, Brokeback Mountain and others

23rd May 2006: MotherSon – a one man play by Jeff Solomon – 730pm at
Barefoot Gallery. Tickets. Rs.500

25th May 2006: All day drama and theatre workshop by Jeff Solomon –
10am-5pm at Sudharshi Hall (in front of BMICH). Donation Rs.500

25th May 2006: PRIDE Party – 9pm onwards Tickets: Rs.500 at Rhythm and Blues

26th May 2006: Forum Theatre & Poetry Reading – Stages Theatre Company
and Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha – Brownstargirl Productions –
730p at Namel Punchi Theatre Borella. Tickets. Rs.250

27th May 2006: Rainbow Kite Festival – 11am till 4pm ENTRANCE FREE
(venue to be announced)

All drama and theatre productions have LGBT themes and are a 'MUST' see!
Members holding Green, Yellow and Orange membership cards will be entitled to a designated number of FREE tickets.

Join us in a celebration of diversity at Gay Pride 2006.


* Saturday 17th June at 7.30 p.m. – Dance Performance organized
Ticket Rs. 1000/= each will be available at Barefoot, Tel: 2505559.

About nATANDA Dance Theatre of Sri Lanka:

Formed in 2002 , choreographer Kapila Palihawadana adopted this unusual name for the first contemporary dance ensemble of Sri Lanka . It has made a pioneering attempt to revolutionise modern and contemporary dance in Sri Lanka and add an exiting new dimension to our rich dance culture. nATANDA concentrates on bridging the cultural diversity found in our country and transforming different areas of our dance tradition into contemporary dance forms, dance theatre , and modern dance. Presently the ensemble has 20 dancers.

* Sunday 18th June at 7.00 p.m. ˆ The Brass Monkey Band will be performing at Barefoot Gallery/ Garden Café.
Ticket : Rs. 400/= each
* Sunday 25th June at 7.30 p.m. Glen Terry & Friends Jazz Concert

* „ 3RS QUARTET perform each Sunday at Barefoot Gallery Garden cafe from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. The musicians are Revel Crake (guitar), Ray Gomes (Bass) & Shiraaz Nooramith (drum). Entrance: FREE
Sri Lankan Revel Crake has been playing jazz guitar professionally for over 20 years. His father, the famous Gerry Crake, was a leading multi ˆ instrumentalist and singer in Sri Lanka.

Ray Gomes is a bass and guitar player. He has been playing professionally in Sri Lanka for 20 years . He is currently also playing with the popular local rock band Ultimate. Ray has toured extensively internationally in many countries including Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Norway and Indonesia.

Though Shiraaz only began drumming when he was 28 he has since become one of the premiere drummers in this country. He has performed with many of Sri Lanka‚s elite musicians including Mari Rozaira , Cecil Rodrigo and . including a performance at the Jazz Yatra festival in Bombay , Harsha makalanda. His international musical experience has spanned many countries , having performed in the Maldives , Switzerland , Germany , Austria , Oman , Indonesia and Indina.

All this and more coming up in the month of June. The Bar should be finished by then, too

More Pictures of Druvinka’s Paintings

_DSC0010-Druvinka-007.jpg beneath beyond 5.7. feet. beyond beneath may 2006 _DSC0004-Druvinka-008.jpg

Beneath Beyond

For Druvinka, painting is her life. She thinks about it constantly, is obsessed by it. She is one of our more exemplary and exciting artists working today. She lives for art, absorbs it, is consumed by it.

In my opinion, it’s this very obsession that sets her apart from her contemporaries. She has created her life so she can paint to live. It’s a forgone conclusion. Her themes continue to evoke the spiritual and the BIG questions in life. The paintings are abstract, part narrative and represent philosophical notions. It’s this paradox that Druvinka continues to touch on, a continuation of what she has been painting for the last four years using the most basic of symbols – the lingam and the yoni – to represent her ideas. What are beneath are our most basic selves? Our fears, our hopes, darkness, and dreams. What are beyond are space and the universe, god and heaven. How does one marry the two? Is it about Balance? Choosing the middle path? So our needs equal our desires? We struggle with this. Strive to find our equilibrium, our balance. But, it’s almost impossible for us mere mortals to realise this yearning for peace and spiritual fulfilment- its difficult to attain.
In fact, I would presume that once one finds that eternal balance the obsession to make art might altogether disappear. We have found meaning, so we cease to live, cease to create, cease to be. So as these forms and themes emerge in her paintings, it’s the process that is of utmost importance to Druvinka and gives her the most satisfaction. This tempering of paints onto the canvas applying the mixture into the given surface makes for many layers of colour- She tempers and soaks pigment to get the shade she searches for, and for that grail, she works applying layers of paint. Druvinka has mastered this difficult technique using the process; she is quick to apply the paint and thereby demonstrates her skill. She will use three colours if she has to, in fact, she will use whatever colours are available to create her painting. She likes the tempera process because it suits her nature. She is able to express herself with this technique: watery, free flowing, fluid, She works perfunctorily once the image is down on canvas. She might take a month to put the paint on the canvas, walking by it’s stretched presence day in day out, however once paint is applied and the form is in place she is quick. When she paints it’s solely for her. Once completed, she let’s go, has no attachment to the painting-already thinking of her next canvas what will surface next?

Like the globe in her paintings representing the Mandela of life: In some paintings it’s whole and can be seen, In other’s it’s half hidden, rising-this search for unity and wholeness- just like existence itself, life’s ups and downs, joys and heartaches: this is Druvinka’s search at present. But thank god for this eternal quest, because in essence it’s our primal driving force. Let the paradox be. Let live. It’s the act of creating that is important; illumination can wait.