Beneath Beyond

An exhibition of DRUVINKA's latest work painted in Mysore, India on view on the 9th of May at 7:30 pm.

Druvinka and painting


Barefoot on Pedlar

Barefoot- corner of church and Pedlar

After three years of renovations and I must say, Channa has worked his miracles. The shop is beautiful. Who would have thought that concrete building would uncover three charming arches? When Dom and I saw it sometime back, complete and empty we were tempted to leave I as it were. Just loved the space. But, that defeats the purpose, so Barefoot has now officially opened in the Galle Fort. It's on the corner of Church and Pedlar. Mo and I headed down last Friday, along with three vans, one truck and ten staff to unload and set up shop. As we arrive and check out the scene, boys have already got to work. All stock has been crammed into what will be the bookshop part of the building, but they are already setting up- Mo and I drive into town, as it is apparent that light fittings are needed. Back to the fort with our purchases and superman jayatissa gets to work, installing light and shade. Meanwhile, we place furniture, stuff bags, boys start displaying all items- beautifully . Then on to hanging paintings, moving petaggmas, placing wooden statues. We take a break and head to Galle Fort Hotel, where Karl greets us so warmly, excited by our shop and with nothing but encouraging words. We order a late lunch; it's now 6:00pm. Still more to do-so it's back to the shop and who do we bump into but Nazar. Instrumental to us from the beginning he has helped us enormously with the buying of property, paperwork and just about everything administrative that needs doing when one purchases and renovates a property. He is very helpful, organisng some beautiful glass etched old-fashioned lamps for the veranda, flowers for the big copper pot in the courtyard. Wish Dom were here, but he is in Galpitiya with kids at a birthday party. Very excited now… as work is almost complete it’s just the finishing touches, like mopping, dusting and sweeping. It’s now midnight and Mo and I decided it’s time to leave, so we head back to Colombo arriving at two am. I pass Rhythm and Blues on my way home and am amazed at all the people spilling out onto the street. I go home to sleep. Next day Sebastian and Wendy text- they are in Galle and I direct them to our shop. They walk in and are the first customers. Sebastian cannot believe what he sees, and to top it off Jerome is playing on cd. At last…