out of town and loving it

So glad to be having a respite from Barefoot and Blogging-

Why is it that the best memories of life in Sri-lanka consist of those spent out of Colombo?

Take last weekend for instance, we all piled into the landrover discovery and headed North on the Colombo/Kurunegala Road.
Our destination was a private retreat belonging to a personal friend of ours, somewhere off the Trinco road. Good enough to be featured in the latest style/book magazine featuring Sri-lankan élan, but thankfully, the proprietor has not yet taken that step. Although, I would bet he does, in due course.

We arrive there at approx. 11 am to what must be one of the most glorious settings imaginable. Sh. It’s a secret. After a cup of tea that arrives and is not drunk, we drink cold cold beer instead which is naughty of us, but delicious. Naughty because it sets the tone for the hot afternoon that turns into long conversations, gin and tonics, kids playing on swings , running around, hovering about enjoying their new found freedom. Next, a healthy, sophisticated vegetarian rice and curry lunch served sometime at around 4:30; after which the the rains come rains unlike my host had ever seen there.

Quick, in a flurry of blessings, the dark clouds billow past and the skies open and it pours and pours, as lightening flashes and thunder roars. The light is incredible. We sit on the long balcony semi-shielded, purposely getting sprayed; watching nature at it’s most magnificent and beautiful. I fall asleep late in the afternoon with the three small kids and Dom cocooned in crisp white cotton sheets in what must be the most comfortable bed. The tats blowing, I eye the incredible intermediate zone scenery. What intermediate? The vegetation is lush with greenery. The skies refract every colour imaginable. We sleep deeply. The kids and Dom wake up at dusk and with our host walk up the rock where they see a herd of 20 elephants at the villu. Kids are very excited, come back to wake me and I admonish them for letting me sleep through the elephants. Never mind. Now a bath, a card game or two, then dinner- Pasta with a superlative MUSHROOM SAUCE. One of the best I have ever eaten. Later- bed, again. Sated. Slightly euphoric.

And it’s only the first day. With three more to go.

So what of the Royal-Tho? In Colombo.


2 thoughts on “out of town and loving it

  1. The Royal Thomian was a super cricket match which the plebs properly deserved to win.

    However their graciousness in victory leaves more than a little to be desired. Why is it that so many people have so little class…?

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