I wish I could post my most private thougts, feelings, impressions, but apparently i can’t because i post under my name and some people know who i am. the answer would be to create a new blog and post under a psuedonym. But then I would have to change my writing style entirely which might not be such a bad thing. Even if i managed to change my writing style for the better, real life would still sweep in and i would be recognised. wonder what to do?


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  1. Well, if your thoughts are for your perusal only, you could just not tell anyone about the address of the new blog you create and write away! Mission accomplished!
    If you want others to read and comment on it, then that could pose a problem.
    I have one just for myself that nobody else reads and I’ve got one where I write about my partner.

  2. Well you can always develop multiple personality disorder combined with borderline schizophrenia (like me) and then happily post away with different voices, and even argue with yourself. The drawback is society tends to frown upon insanity(as I discover every day), and it is considered a drawback (for example, when applying for a job)….

  3. well it seems sharing a common real (full) name with lot of others as i do have some advantages 🙂
    if you want to blog about real events you may have to change them slightly in addition to using a pseudonym. perhaps even ask syndicators to take you off their bogrolls.

    you may find this useful (from reporters without borders)
    though it is supposedly for ‘cyber-dissidents’ it can be of use to newbie bloggers who want to blog anonymously.
    i had a mini post about it when it came out.

  4. null:
    you can always develop multiple personality disorder ….. then happily post away with different voices, and even argue with yourself.
    you may be kidding but you will be surprised by the reality . there is at least one case i know of in sl who does exactly that.

  5. I personally like posting under my own name, and I try to be as embarassingly honest as possible. I, however, have nothing to lose.

    When it comes to other people, I tend to caution them to be, er, cautious. When it comes to myself, however, I just try to be real above all things. I don’t think the truth protects you, but it at least comes with a set of moral rules that make life more predictable.

  6. You could easily create a private blog and post anonymously, changing your writing style just a little. So people who know you a little better will probably realize it’s you, but that’s okay because they will never have proof! And if they ask? Lie your butt off! And even if they don’t believe you it’s o.k., as long as you believe it in your own little world.

    I used to blog under my real name for a very short period until I realized that I felt very inhibited because I knew the people who read it… People who I didn’t feel comfortable enough for such full disclosure. So much so that I stopped blogging completely and wrote everything down in a Word document. At the same time, I don’t want a blog that no one reads because I love hearing what different have to say about my writing. That’s what led to the uninhibited version of prose.

    I am constantly amazed at and in envy of Indi, posting under his own name, his candid blog, AND photographs as well as Electra. The fact that they seem to know most people who read their blogs and can still continue to be so open is something I admire but at the same time, too afraid to do.

    Sorry about the rambling comment.

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  8. Until we evolve the ability to communicate directly making it possible for us to allow those we wish to access our physical, mental and spiritual content we can only approximate such a state by being open. The internet offers – to those of us who have the courage to accept it – an opportunity to be open to a large number of people within a context that permits interaction.

    To hide behind a pseudonym – as many, perhaps most people chose to do – would defeat this purpose. Being open makes it possible for our content to interact with and influence the content of others and vice versa. This can generate volatility, give rise to conflict and bring pain – this perhaps is what you perceive as danger – but it also engenders growth. I suggest you keep doing what you are doing and in time you will learn how to handle the volatility, conflict and pain and reap the rewards of growth.

  9. note the date i posted that comment, nimalan, it has nothing to do with what has transpired on the net recently. It was in refrence to someone else’s blog. I agree wholeheartdly with what you say, however i have to draw the line in so much that if what I do on the net or blog affects those of my family and loved ones.

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