Mercury Retrograde

OK. This week has not started well, especially when you compare it to a really major music weekend.  I went to the dentist on monday morning. Now, as far as dentist’s are concerned I must go to the best, sweetest dentist in the world. She is so bloody good at what she does: Quick, absolutely professional so i really do not mind. Besides I have been walking around for a week with two stumps where there were once teeth at the back of my mouth. Need to BRIDGE the gap.
I role out of bed at 10:30 am on Monday morning, after being up half the night- from consuming too many rum and cokes the evening before at the CRFC, whilst listening to Boney Fields, Glen Terry and all the other superlative musicians do their thing. Of course I make an ass of myself dancing madly. what do do? This girl really can’t help herself…
At least I was not driving. Thank god for Dom, always there when i need him.

With the three smallies in tow we head home at approx. 8:30 pm where I put them to bed and promptly fall asleep in their room. Wake up at 2:30 am and there is a light outside and one of my teenage daughters is on the phone. I walk into the room where she is supposed to be sleeping to get a bottle of water… (don’t ask) and there she is. I try not to say anything but manage a “don’t be too long, and get some sleep” as I stumble out in the darkness, to find a glass so I can guzzle the water that my dehydrated, abused, overworked, partied out body needs.

So I am up – the coca cola is working which means I am not sleeping.

Suddenly it’s dawn, small kids awake and I am having a mini screaming match with my youngest who does not want to go to school. Sort that one out by walking out of the room and letting the ‘maid’ take over. Oh God and It’s only 7:15am.. manage to fall asleep for a couple of hours.
At the dentist at 11:30 where she injects three large shots of anesthesia into my gums.
These are the sort of things that happen when Mercury turns retrograde.


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