Jack of all trades, Master of none.

My life consists of adequately doing the things I do, whilst never finding the time to master one. I know quite a few people who seem to be master of all trades, and jack of none. I suppose I should be happy and settle for providing the space for the masters to create.


8 thoughts on “Jack of all trades, Master of none.

  1. Yeah very true. I love being a jack of all [well a few trades to be more pricise]. 😉 But some times I also go like “What if I stick to doing one thing right?”, but the next instant i go, “Nah that is not me :)”.

  2. I wouldn’t say you’re ‘master of none’, Naz. The art of hosting, encouraging, selling and developing all the people in and around the Gallery is no small feat. In fact, that is something I’m in awe of because I can’t organize a picnic without significant cock-ups.

    I’d honestly say that the people I admire most are those that can manage relationships and events, because that’s something I find so difficult.

  3. That would be me – Naz’s oldest daughter.

    Yeah when do i see you mum? I think i really am busier than you. All i want to do is crawl into a bed and sleep for 1000 years.

  4. The best was when I saw you and Dom 5 mns this morning… out of Barefoot… we almost managed to take a breakfast together, but it turned to a cup of coffee and a cigarette… still that was good !
    I love you ! 🙂
    Big kiss no: 1 ! 😉

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