So I am at the door for the umpteenth time. Do not know why I keep doing it. I guess it’s beacuse ultimately my husband and i are responsible for what goes on and down in the space.

There is also a lot of cash exchanging hands and i trust myself implicitly, so that would be another reason. But It is not fun. It’s not fun partially because we tend to be too lax with the rules. Really the way to do it is print x number of tickets, not accept any reservations, and once the tickets sell out, that’s it! Of course you could allocate a portion of ticket sales at the door. say one fifth, for people who find it impossible to come to the office to purchase tickets during working hours.

Then there are all the friends, relatives who sms and phone asking for tickets…

So I got into two fights (sort of) at the gate. Serves me right for advertising the concert on my blog stating that you could purchase tickets at the door. We sold out of tickets on Thursday, from my office. I was not expecting so many people to turn up ticketless- 210 people to be exact. just finished doing all the accounts. So in theory that’s 350 tickets sold and 210 at the gate, which makes 560. The americans should be happy.

I thought the concert way too short, and as I was at the door for most of the playing, I did not really get to see the band. Great musicians, though. very accomplished, technically brilliant. loved the bass player and the drummer. I personally think they cut it short, as they were really hungry after spending a day at the beach. They went off to the Lagoon for Seafood.

March 3, 2006 at Barefoot. Glen Terry and Friends with special guests from Paris and Chicago. Tickets Rs. 1500/- a benefit performace in aid of ESCAT

Next time, i won’t be at the door, so you can all be thankful.


6 thoughts on “Gatekeeper

  1. Hey Naz

    First of all, great job on the blog, secondly, I feel like I should apologise since I was on of the 210 who bought tickets at the door. Very very sorry..

    Lastly, I completely agree with your thoughts on the show- the bass player, in particular, was fantastic but they stopped way too soon and just when it all started to come together and everyone in the audience got really pumped up. Still it was a great show and I wanted to applaud you for organising this sort of thing- there are so few if any jazz concerts over here that aren’t at Barefoot and it is really really great that you guys make sure it happens..

    ok, I’m rambling so I’m gonna stop now

  2. This is not good. I love the Glen Terry shows are Barefoot! I once sat in the rain watching an entire show 🙂 Unfortunately i’m out of the country till June, and reminders of what i’m missing make me sad. I hope Grant Chamberlain’s set still plays on Sunday afternoons, i used to love coming in and having some lunch and sitting under the trees on a hot sunday. Now I have to settle for Colombo Beast on my Ipod in the tube, bugger.

  3. So I got into two fights (sort of) at the gate.

    Reminds me of a time when Tash and I were manning the door and tons of people tried to crash their way past us. We managed to deal with most but I remember some European guy trying about 5 times to get past.

    Talk about persistent.

    That reminds me. Mummy you still owe me my money!

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