Rhythmic Prophecies Latin Jazz Ensemble


“a mostly non-vocal music based on traditional Latin Rhythms, which incorporates the structures and practices of modern jazz with an emphasis on the instrumental soloist and improvisation. The 1940’s was a pivotal period in the development of Latin jazz, specifically Afro-Cuban jazz. Different dance styles and different schools of jazz intersected in the careful hands of trumpters Dizzy Gillespie and Mario Bauza. Gillespie and Pzo became fast friends and collaborators, co-writing many Afro-Cuban jazz standards, including Manteca”

Another brilliant evening in the offing. At Rs. 500 a ticket, affordable- so one can purchase that “one last drink” or something more to eat during the concert. Best to buy tickets at the door, unless you want to drop in to Barefoot sometime over the weekend and buy a ticket from Mohan. If you are a young girl I am sure you will do the latter.

Concert has been bought to Sri-Lanka by THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA. That is, the Public and Cultural Affairs department of the US Foreign Office. The Rhythmic Prophecies are part of the JAZZ at the lincoln center not for profit arts organisation dedicated to jazz. With the world renowned Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra, and a comprehensive array of guests artists, Jazz at Lincoln Center advances a unique vision for the continued development of the art of jazz, by producing year-round schedule of performances.

SUNDAY 19th February at 7:00pm

Barefoot Gallery.


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