FEBRUARY 13th at 7:00pm CONCERT: nuBox from Germany
Organised by the Geothe-Institut Colombo, the German Cultural Centre in collaboration with Barefoot.
WORKSHOP (by invitation) in collaboration with H20, 14th February at H20.
In the early 80s when DJ club jazz was still uncommon the eclectic music of BLUE BOX came as a big surprise horrifying the jazz purists. Some called it techno jazz, some no wave funk, some industrial dance. BLUE BOX aka NU BOX keeps on exploring the outer space beyond jazz, dancefloor, avantgarde and underground.
The tour is organised by the Geothe Institute to promote a different kind of jazz, which in the last few years has seemingly got its label as “dance floor jazz” as it appears to be a fusiion type of free jazz, underground and involving electronics and dj skills.
TICKETS: Rs. 800/- available at Barefoot and the Geothe Institute

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