fly by

I cannot believe my last entry was a week ago no point having a blog if one does not update regularly. A lot happens in a week. We staged two very nice events, here, for instance. both involved documentary film, both were well attended, both left an impact. There is a clamor from the “general public” for a another screening of the film we ran on Thursday. We will run it again, once I ok it with the key people. If this has piqued your interest google “NO MORE TEARS, SISTER” read the links and if you like what you read, you are welcome to come to the next screening… ok so what else happened last week? oh yes there were two National Days, one long swimming meet, a memorial service, daily work, and so on.. Here I sit at Barefoot on a Sunday listening to jazz and speedily writing this entry. Next week should be more interesting and informative, with images.


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