leave Thalawthagoda at 6:35 am to drive the kids to school then gym and work.
head down pannipitiya road take a left toward Parliment road and I can already see the traffic building up. it’s now 6:40. traffic is a reality that is not going to disappear anytime soon. but why oh why can’t the drivers do a better job driving?

what if there was a designated fast lane?
what if there was no right turn except at certain carefully thought out positions?
what if tuk-tuk drivers’ steered on the left side of the road, paying homage to their maximum speed?
what if drivers knew how to merge?
what if drivers indicated when they moved from lane to lane?
what if drivers knew what a lane was?

do you think I would get to colombo any quicker?

arrive at Ladies College at 7 05. not bad. decide to skip the gym as i did not sleep well last night so do not feel fit enough. go to sponge instead because i am craving a mutton roll. buy it and drive into work where I check mail, look at my desk in despair, realise it’s my secretary’s day off so decided to blog instead. work will have to wait. hey it’s only 8:00am.



  1. Sri Lankan drivers are a selfish bunch. If everyone just moved to the left and let the faster drivers through we’d have less problems. You’d automatically eliminate the creepers (you know the type, they weave in and out of traffic as if it were Hokkenheim). It would also help if they banned curb crawling… and I don’t mean cruising for prostitutes but rather the driver who moves really slowly hogging the entire left lane.

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