GIVEN INSTANTS- A Book (and an exhibition of photographs)

Spinning WomanEarly Morning after a night fishing

an exhibition of striking black and white photographs on view at the Barefoot Gallery, Colombo
704 Galle Road, Colombo 3
and a beautiful book of his photographs available for sale at the Barefoot Bookshop. All proceeds of the sale will be entirely donated to the victims of the Tsunami.
Exhibition of photographs and book made by Thierry Arensma.

“Thierry Arensma works with a 5″ x 4” view camera made by MPP. All pictures were taken with an old Schneider 165mm lens. The camera is always used on a tripod, and the photographer views the upside down image from beneath a black cloth.

Pictures are taken on black and white Polaroid film which allows him to see what he has done a few minutes after taking the picture The print produced is always gifted to the subject. This inteaction he feels allows the person being photographed to share his self with the photographer.
Both photographer and subject work together; these are obviously not moments capyured without a subject’s knowledge.

Prints are made by Mr. Arensma in his darkroom outside Paris. Prints are made on fibre based silver bromide paper made in Hungary by Forte. Prints are limited to an edition of thirteen with three photographer’s proofs for himself.

one of the prints in the exhibition, a diptych of a fisherman and boats taken in Ranna, in the south of sri-lanka, is a platinum print. Platinum is used instead of silver, and this print is made by Jean Luc Piete who works from his atelier “Noircissement Direct” in Paris. Mr. Piete is the only printer for the archive of MAN RAY, the great surrealist photographer.” DS

A shameless plug I know but it’s what I do as my profession so had to include it in my blogDom playing Pool at Rhythm and Blues


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  1. hey,
    i see you ve mentioned something about the national geographic channel doing some slide show or presentation… inform if its open to outsiders. big fan of them! : )

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