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I cannot believe my last entry was a week ago no point having a blog if one does not update regularly. A lot happens in a week. We staged two very nice events, here, for instance. both involved documentary film, both were well attended, both left an impact. There is a clamor from the “general public” for a another screening of the film we ran on Thursday. We will run it again, once I ok it with the key people. If this has piqued your interest google “NO MORE TEARS, SISTER” read the links and if you like what you read, you are welcome to come to the next screening… ok so what else happened last week? oh yes there were two National Days, one long swimming meet, a memorial service, daily work, and so on.. Here I sit at Barefoot on a Sunday listening to jazz and speedily writing this entry. Next week should be more interesting and informative, with images.


leave Thalawthagoda at 6:35 am to drive the kids to school then gym and work.
head down pannipitiya road take a left toward Parliment road and I can already see the traffic building up. it’s now 6:40. traffic is a reality that is not going to disappear anytime soon. but why oh why can’t the drivers do a better job driving?

what if there was a designated fast lane?
what if there was no right turn except at certain carefully thought out positions?
what if tuk-tuk drivers’ steered on the left side of the road, paying homage to their maximum speed?
what if drivers knew how to merge?
what if drivers indicated when they moved from lane to lane?
what if drivers knew what a lane was?

do you think I would get to colombo any quicker?

arrive at Ladies College at 7 05. not bad. decide to skip the gym as i did not sleep well last night so do not feel fit enough. go to sponge instead because i am craving a mutton roll. buy it and drive into work where I check mail, look at my desk in despair, realise it’s my secretary’s day off so decided to blog instead. work will have to wait. hey it’s only 8:00am.

GIVEN INSTANTS- A Book (and an exhibition of photographs)

Spinning WomanEarly Morning after a night fishing

an exhibition of striking black and white photographs on view at the Barefoot Gallery, Colombo
704 Galle Road, Colombo 3
and a beautiful book of his photographs available for sale at the Barefoot Bookshop. All proceeds of the sale will be entirely donated to the victims of the Tsunami.
Exhibition of photographs and book made by Thierry Arensma.

“Thierry Arensma works with a 5″ x 4” view camera made by MPP. All pictures were taken with an old Schneider 165mm lens. The camera is always used on a tripod, and the photographer views the upside down image from beneath a black cloth.

Pictures are taken on black and white Polaroid film which allows him to see what he has done a few minutes after taking the picture The print produced is always gifted to the subject. This inteaction he feels allows the person being photographed to share his self with the photographer.
Both photographer and subject work together; these are obviously not moments capyured without a subject’s knowledge.

Prints are made by Mr. Arensma in his darkroom outside Paris. Prints are made on fibre based silver bromide paper made in Hungary by Forte. Prints are limited to an edition of thirteen with three photographer’s proofs for himself.

one of the prints in the exhibition, a diptych of a fisherman and boats taken in Ranna, in the south of sri-lanka, is a platinum print. Platinum is used instead of silver, and this print is made by Jean Luc Piete who works from his atelier “Noircissement Direct” in Paris. Mr. Piete is the only printer for the archive of MAN RAY, the great surrealist photographer.” DS

A shameless plug I know but it’s what I do as my profession so had to include it in my blogDom playing Pool at Rhythm and Blues

Monday Morning

nothing really constructive to write about except that I spent most of the weekend watching dvd’s and cooking. Saw an excellent film THE Interpreter starring Nicole Kidman and Sean Penn, directed by Sydney Pollack. Realise that I am way behind the masses as far as watching dvd’s are concerned. this film came out in april 2005. it is now jan 2006. other movies i watched over this past long three day weekend were: and city final season all in the series
2.To catch a Thief
3.Pulp Fiction
4.A Time to Kill

some I had seen before no. 2 & 3 to be precise.

a very satisfying weekend.

to smoke or not to smoke


the new year is twelve days old and i, like millions of others, have decided to quit smoking.
very difficult when you are sitting at barefoot, it’s 6:00pm there is a long weekend ahead and one is sipping a cold glass of white wine. of course the answer is to stop drinking too.

one needs at least one vice, besides i have been going to the gym every morning… so feeling good. we’ll see.